Charlie G. Bateh, J.D.

Realtor - Specializing in Residential
Office: (714) 880-4226(714) 880-4226
DRE# 02041555 In addition to Real Estate, Charlie is a sports and entertainment agent in a company he founded, where he sits as the CEO and President at CGB Management, Inc.  In his company, Charlie appreciates the needs his clients has for homes and relished the opportunity to team with Re/Max-Sky Home & Estates to assist people to fulfill their “American Dream,” i.e.: to become a homeowner.  Charlie has a passion for making dreams a reality; that said, Charlie considers having the fortune to assist people to have their desires realized is priceless and extremely heart-warming.

Charlie has more than 20 years of experience in sales and leadership; with this, Charlie’s ability to relate with personalities and cultures is very unique and comforting.  Charlie appreciates every experience with a  person is special, so Charlie takes pride in making people feel as if they matter and their needs are prioritized.

Charlie began playing sports at age six, among the many sports he competed in competitively, was Tae Kwon Do, where Charlie was very successful on the national and international circuit.  Further, Charlie began working in the family business at the age of nine, so with sports and business taught Charles what’s entailed to be successful.  Charles often reminisces his father’s advice, to be successful in business, “You must be able to adapt to personality styles and appreciate everyone’s culture.”

  Charlie has traveled the world, and it is this experience which has also taught him how to relate to people in a manner that is very special and unique.  With Charlie’s experiences, he considers working with Re/Max-Sky to be an honor as the service, care and passion that is provided to their clients emulates the values Charlie has with his clients as well.

As Charles is determined to be the best in his pursuit, he is also a person who is compelled to make a difference.  Charles is involved in multiple organizations to help those in need; further, a portion of Charles’ income is dedicated to support incurable illnesses.

  Whether working or not, Charles loves laughter; and, when he’s not working, Charles enjoys being with family and friends, being outdoors and relishes the finer attributes life has to offer.  Charles is a devoted family man as his immediate and extended family lives throughout California.

  Academically, Charles earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Management and a Juris Doctorate Degree (JD).

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